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Professional Carpet Cleaners: The Machinery Used

Cleaning carpets can be a dirty job. It is almost impossible to do it yourself and do it well as some stains are just too tough to be removed without damaging the carpet fibers. This is why many people hire professional carpet cleaners to help them improve the appearance of their carpets while also removing all dirt and grime. The main reason that makes this a much better solution is the equipment used by these companies.


A professional carpet cleaner may use different types of machines. Those who prefer using steam power to clean and disinfect the carpets of their clients use steaming machines. These machines use solely the force of hot steam to remove all dirt and stubborn stains. They are more powerful than all household steamers one could find in regular shops. They are more effective, but also a lot more expensive than usual steamers. This makes them difficult to buy for the average family. Besides, they are quite bulky, so their storage may also be a problem. Since regular maintenance can be done with simple vacuum cleaners, there’s no point in purchasing such expensive and bulky equipment, only to use it once or twice a year. On the contrary, professional carpet cleaners need to make sure their equipment can withstand intensive use.

Companies that prefer dry cleaning buy special machines. They spread a layer of dry detergent over the carpet, and then remove it, while also vacuuming them thoroughly. This process helps to dismantle all dirt and debris from the carpet fibers, the result being a perfect cleanliness and a fresh look.

All machines used by professional carpet cleaning companies have a few things in common. First of all, they belong to the commercial grade equipment, thus being able to cope with intensive use and heavy-duty tasks. When you have a business to run, you can’t afford to replace your machines every six months, so you have to invest in high quality and power. This is how you can become profitable, once you get enough clients to cover your operating expenses and your overheads. As these heavy duty machines are expensive, some cleaners may prefer to buy refurbished ones. This is a good thing, as it enables them to offer their clients high-quality services, despite the fact that they can’t invest too much into advanced equipment.

Most of these professional machines can leave the carpets almost completely dry once their job is over. This is a very important feature, as damp carpets are the perfect environment for mould and mildew growth. This dampness may easily destroy a carpet, so it should be avoided at all costs. This is also one of the reasons why people prefer to hire professional cleaners instead of washing their carpets with water and soap. The drying part of the job is of utmost importance. The more people understand this, the healthier their homes. Whatever the cleaning method, the result should always be a perfectly dry carpet.