It does not take a genius to know what criminal law is. It is basically that aspect of the law that covers criminal acts against a member of the population. However, if you are a criminal lawyer, you already know that the law is a complex code that covers, not just the punishments that correspond to certain crimes, but also determines which behaviors cause physical, psychological and other types of damage to another person, and thus are criminal behaviors that are punishable by law.

There are so-called universal crimes or behaviors that are considered criminal in most parts of the world. Killing another person is a crime. The crime is, even more, grave if you kill your father, mother, spouse or children. Rape is also another universal crime, although there are certain countries in the world that do not recognize acts of sexual violence against another person.

There are, however, certain criminal acts that are only true for a certain country and because of it, is reflective of the country’s culture. A very good example of this is the Philippines, which has a law against gossiping. Anyone who is caught spreading damaging gossip against another person can be imprisoned. By how many months, we don’t know, but suffice to say, even a night in jail can be a powerful deterrent to rumor mongers.

According to the legal books, a crime has three components: the act itself, the mental state of the accused, and the link between the offense and the act. A criminal case is a case filed by the government against the accused. If you’re wondering why they say, “The people versus (name of criminal)” that is why. It is the job of the government prosecutors to prove to the jury or judge (depending on the country) beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime.

Not all crimes are created alike, and while there are petty crimes like burglary and theft, there are so-called heinous crimes that are punishable by law.

Do you need a local criminal law firm to defend yourself if you’ve been accused? Actually, you do not need to. However, for your own benefit, hire one who can get you off the hook if you didn’t commit any wrongdoing. If you cannot afford an attorney, one of the lawyers from the public attorney’s office is chosen to defend you in your case.