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Customers are the most critical elements to the success of any home improvement business. Home improvement businesses should focus on targeted marketing and reputation management to get the best value from their marketing investment. The following are 5 effective marketing strategies that home improvement businesses need to adapt to help bring in more clients.

1.    Online Marketing

Online marketing is usually perceived as being either a hit or miss but that is only for those that don’t know how to do it right. One of the main benefits of online marketing is that you have the power to be very specific with your ad purchases.

For instance, you can target your ads such that a homeowner visiting a local news website will see them but those not interested in your services won’t see it but will instead see something different. With online marketing, you will be only paying for marketing to people interested in home improvement.

2.    Community Events

One of the most effective ways of making the community aware of your home improvement business is getting out in the community and getting involved. For instance, you can volunteer some materials and time to help in case there is a Habitat for Humanity project.

If a local charity fundraiser requires assistance, you can consider pitching in yourself. It is a great way to network with members of the community and makes it part of your marketing strategy that you are a community business and not just a home improvement business.

3.    How You Handle Negative Reviews Online

Negative reviews might seem like the worst thing for be many businesses but they offer a hidden opportunity to market yourself. Negative reviews about your business posted online can be powerful marketing tools.

It is important to handle negative reviews appropriately for online reputation management purposes. Most review websites will allow you to respond publicly in a professional and polite way or reach out to the frustrated customer to find out whether there is anything you can do to resolve the problem.

4.    Social Media Presence and A Professional Website

You probably have attractive and professionally printed business cards for your home improvement business. In the same spirit, it is important to have a social media presence and a professional website.
Social media can be very useful for building your reputation online. You will have the opportunity to interact with potential and existing customers, present video testimonials, post photos of your work, and post links to positive reviews.

Having a professional website and a social media presence will give anybody searching for your business a simple and well-organized way of determining whether you are the right home improvement business for them. It will also give you the opportunity to curate positive reviews of your business online.

5.    Direct Mail Marketing

You might be surprised to learn that many home improvement businesses still use direct mail because it is effective. Direct mail is one of the best ways to reach an entire community at once and even has amazingly useful targeting capabilities.

For example, you won’t deliver your marketing message to college dorms or apartment renters but to the homeowners that would like to use the services your home improvement business offers. However, ensure that you only use a service that lets you market to homeowners and not simply dumping flyers in the mail.

Final Thoughts

Marketing is the best way to acquire more customers and help your home improvement business grow. The 5 strategies discussed here are some of the most effective when it comes to marketing your business. Don’t assume that they won’t work because they seem simple but rather try to implement them and see the difference they make.