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The Attraction Of Take Away Food

The Attraction Of Take Away Food

Here are some of the reasons as to why take away food is so attractive and appealing to many people.

Huge Advertising

One thing that the fast food industry is not afraid in doing is spending on advertising. There’s literally advertisements everywhere about fast foods be it on the road, train stations, malls, walkways. There is an advertisement about fast food everywhere, this makes your brain to be saturated with fast food thoughts. Once you start thinking about the fast food you start getting hungry and you want to eat said fast foods. Fast food businesses also are not left out in merchandising, they have all sorts of merchandise like toys and figurines which are collectibles. In order to get the action figures you actually have to buy the food and more than once. Almost everyone almost has a piece of utensil that has fast food branding meaning they invest a lot in advertising and reaching to many people.

Great Smells And Aromas

One thing that attracts people to many fast food places is the smell. Fast food places emit smells that are sure to tingle your nostrils and inducing hunger at once. Many fast food places are situated in entrances to malls or on major pedestrian corridors or at the lower floors of buildings. This is to make sure that the smell attracts people to come and buy inside the fast food place. The smells are like invisible bile hooks that bait hungry people and their wallets. Many fast food places are known to practice scent marketing. This means that some of the smells do not actually come from the food, rather they are artificial smells to lure customers into their premises.

Using Bright Colours

Most fast food places use bright colours in order to attract attention and to be seen from far. Many companies use yellow and red on their branding as they can be seen from far. Yellow is the most visible colour in daylight hence making it easy to notice it even from far, the golden arches of McDonald’s can be spotted from a distance signifying a McDonald’s restaurant. Though the colours are attractive, the colours yellow and red have other significance on the branding. The color red tends to subconsciously encourage you to enter the fast food place as it triggers appetite and hunger. Yellow triggers feelings of friendliness and happiness.

Addictive Ingredients

Refined ingredients that are used to make the fast food and takeaway make the food to be delicious. Refined carbohydrates, sugar, salt and fat can make anything taste better as they have been produced to enhance the flavour of the food. This sweetness makes people crave for more building an addiction. Research has shown that mice that were fed on the refined ingredients tend to have withdrawal symptoms once they were switched to a normal healthy diet. Many fast food have been found to have additives that made the food taste better.

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Take Away Food

Take away food is a service offered by many restaurants, some using apps such as “Deliveroo”, “Just Eat” and UberEATS to name a few and others offering a take away food menu on their website.  Cafe Strand in Falmouth UK recently decided to turn down overtures from Deliveroo based on horrendous reviews and offer their own take away menu.